Solar panels for your home

Shopping For Solar: How To Get Solar Power For Your Home

Shopping for solar can seem confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, there’s a way today for nearly everyone to go solar. With this guide, you can choose the best solar option for your home. Shopping For Solar Used To Be Hard It turns out, if you ask Americans whether they’d like more…


Animals and Solar Farms: a Natural Combination

We always talk about how solar farms work for people. Energy savings, clean power, and the like all give humans things they want. But what about animals? What can solar farms do for them? You probably know by now that solar farms can lower your bills and bring your community clean energy. But, as anyone…


3 Central Hudson Bill Pay Tips

Like it or not, you get a Central Hudson bill every month. Worse, chances are you’re devoting more time and money than you should toward it. Cut out the extra time and cost with these 3 tips that’ll slash your bills. Unless you’ve taken yourself completely off the grid, you have to pay an energy…


3 Orange & Rockland Bill Pay Tips

Paying your Orange & Rockland bill? More than likely, you’re spending hundreds or thousands of dollars more than you need to. Reclaim that money, and the time you spent paying it, in 3 easy steps. We all need energy in our homes to function, so paying energy bills should be simple and worry-free. Unfortunately, for…

Communities Can Solve Climate Change

Why Communities Can Solve Climate Change

People, organizations, and nations around the world are making new commitments to solve climate change. But it’s not clear who’s going to take the lead. In all the commotion, tight-knit communities are emerging as leaders in the movement to protect our climate. Communities Are the Right Size For Action Climate change is a global challenge. Carbon…

Solar energy statistics

Solar Energy Statistics: 44 Numbers That Define U.S. Solar

 44 solar energy statistics that reveal just how quickly solar is growing–and what kind of impact it’s having on the American environment and economy. The Fundamental Solar Energy Stats As of the end of 2018, the U.S. had 64.2 GW of installed solar–enough to power 12.3 million American homes. Solar energy accounts for 1.6% of…

Central Hudson Bill

A Central Hudson Electric Bill Explained

The average Central Hudson customer spends about $1,400 a year on electricity, and most aren’t sure where it’s all going. We lay out in plain English what all the charges on your Central Hudson bill mean and how to maximize your savings. When you pay your electric bill month after month, you start to notice…

Solar farm

A Look Into America’s Largest Solar Farm

Solar Star, America’s largest solar farm, provides enough clean energy to power over 250,000 homes. What does all that solar power look like? Solar energy comes in all shapes and sizes, from single-panel-powered gadgets to rooftop solar systems to solar farms. Even within these categories, there’s plenty of room for diversity. Take solar farms, for…