solar for nonprofits

Community Solar is a Triple Win for Nonprofits

Through Solstice’s partnership program, your nonprofit will not only save money every month by going solar, but also raise money for your cause on behalf of each facility or member household that joins your local solar farm. Going green, saving money, and earning donations to support your work: these are big assets for your nonprofit,…

Solstice Community Solar

Are You Eligible for Community Solar?

Community solar provides clean energy to communities that otherwise wouldn’t have access. As the fastest-growing form of solar energy, community solar allows households to subscribe to a solar farm in their area and see savings on their electric bills. Sounds great, right? Let’s see if you’re eligible! We might be a little biased, but there’s…


Solar Farms In New York: What You Need To Know

Local residents are seeing a lot of solar farms in New York. If you’re wondering what they’re all for, where they’re coming from, or whether they can save you money, we’ve got answers! If you’re driving around New York state these days, you might catch a glimpse of something pretty new out the window: solar…

covid community solar

COVID-19: What it Means for Community Solar

We have all been impacted by COVID-19 in one way or another—and the community solar industry is no exception. However, the post-pandemic future of community solar is looking especially bright. We’re all facing uncertainty right now—over our health, our finances, and our very ability to live and work as usual.  It’s no surprise that the…

Community Solar Farm in City

What is Community Solar?

What exactly is community solar, and what does it mean to enroll in a local solar farm? Learn the basics of community solar in 2020 here. What do you think when you hear of solar power? Panels on top of roofs? Environmentally-friendly energy that you would like to have one day, but probably won’t get…

Community Solar Guide

The Ultimate Guide To Community Solar

This is it: everything you need to know about the locally-driven community solar model that’s bringing clean energy to millions of Americans for the first time. After over 100 years of fossil fuel emissions from distant power plants, Americans are taking control of their energy. They want it to be more local, more affordable, more…


Community Solar in Illinois: A Primer

Chicago, Illinois, a city famously known for its abundance of wind, is steadily making a name for itself in a different renewable energy field. That’s right — it might be time to change Chicago’s nickname to the “Sunny City”, as the state of Illinois has made big strides in designing equitable community solar programs since…

California Community Solar

A Guide To Community Solar In California

Here’s how one of the nation’s greenest states is slowly paving the way for community solar. California Leads On Solar For decades, California environmental advocates and lawmakers have set the bar for what it means to write strong environmental policy in the US. In a national political climate where climate science is too often questioned,…