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Solstice Makes it Easy to Sign Up for Community Solar

Solstice was founded on the knowledge that nearly four out of every five Americans can’t get access to rooftop solar, and the belief that community solar―a central solar installation to which nearby residents can subscribe, in exchange for renewable energy and electric bill savings― can bring affordable renewable energy to each of those households. This…


Solstice Ambassadors Spread the Word about Community Solar

We know our customers: They’re driven by their values, and the urge to bring solar to their local community. Many of them have even called us, seeking a way to spread community solar to their friends and neighbors. Now, there is one: becoming a Solstice Ambassador. Solstice connects residents like you to clean, affordable energy.…


Community Solar in Action: A Trip to the Dover Solar Garden

This past week, the Solstice team (and honorary canine solar ambassador, Kugo) took a trip to visit our new community solar farm in Dover, MA. This 1.4 MW facility supplies electricity to local residents at a discount, and sits on top of a capped landfill next to the town’s transfer station. It’s an ideal place for…