Pollinator-Friendly Solar: A Double Win for the Earth

Pollinator-friendy solar is the game-changing solar industry practice that makes solar farms a double win for the environment. Here’s what you should know: Helping the environment: one of the main reasons people sign up for a share of a community solar farm. Reducing our dependence on fossil fuels, supporting emission-free energy generation, and helping to…

NYC solar schools

NYC Schools Are Going Green From the Outside-In

The fundamental changes necessary to mitigate climate change can begin on a local level — and at an early age! Here’s how New York City public schools are using solar to empower students and help their city meet its climate goals. As the cost of solar continues to decline, more and more schools are installing…

Grouphug solar cat

Here’s How Grouphug Is Reshaping Solar

With beautiful designs, a vibrant, active Instagram profile, regular Q&A’s, and a laid-back atmosphere that invites conversation, Grouphug Solar is changing the way people think about clean energy. Too often, the voice of the solar industry sounds eerily similar to the centuries-old energy industry it’s trying to disrupt: full of technical jargon like capacity factors…

democratized clean energy

What if we democratized access to clean energy?

We are living in a time in which renewable energy is cheaper than fossil fuels. An affordable climate change solution is at our fingertips, and yet, millions of Americans can’t get access to renewable sources of power. That’s where Solstice comes in.  Where would we be without energy? It keeps us warm, cooks our food,…


Solar for Businesses in 300 Words

Whether you’re looking to install panels on the roof of your property or get clean energy from an off-site solar farm, there’s a way your business can do its part to decrease its environmental impact and save money. In 300 words, here’s how your business can get solar. So, your business is looking to go…


Infographic: How to Bring Solar to Every American.

We believe that accessible, affordable clean energy is not just essential to mitigating climate change, but a human right. Solstice is dedicated to bringing solar energy to every American household. How? Through Community Solar. With the need for climate solutions becoming more and more apparent, many leaders in the energy industry focus on building as…

covid community solar

COVID-19: What it Means for Community Solar

We have all been impacted by COVID-19 in one way or another—and the community solar industry is no exception. However, the post-pandemic future of community solar is looking especially bright. We’re all facing uncertainty right now—over our health, our finances, and our very ability to live and work as usual.  It’s no surprise that the…


Floating Solar: Can Solar Farms Thrive on Water?

First, there were solar panels on rooftops. Then entire farms were dedicated to solar power. Now, solar has reached water. Meet floating solar! Floating solar farms, otherwise known as floating photovoltaics, or “floatovoltaics,” are harnessing energy where no other power plants have ventured.  At its base, floating solar is no different from a solar farm…

Passive solar heating roof

What Is Passive Solar Heating And How Does It Work?

For decades, we’ve been heating our homes with costly fossil fuels. These methods of home heating are unpredictable in pricing each month. Newer, cheaper technology is making some wonder: how can we move away from these home heating methods to one that makes environmental and financial sense? Introducing: passive solar heating. New homes don’t need…